Nick Wey Update


I have had a lot of questions about my injury from my fans. It seems like the last time anyone has seen me was at Anaheim 3. Since, I have been injured forcing me to sit out the rest of SX...after further review gave back a holeshot and podium from Anaheim 2, and now I'm a proud Father!!

Nick hopes to be back to doing this very soon!

photo: Simon Cudby

During the heat race at the sixth round of the SX series I collided
with Jeff Dement and both of us went down. When I got up, I looked down and my thumb was obviously dislocated. My thumb was in a very awkward position, but it didn't take long for the Asterisk Mobile Medical guys to get my thumb back into the joint. Thanks!

From Houston I went to the doctors immediately to get a MRI and X-ray. After evaluation the doctors were unsure as to the extent of the damage to the ligaments in my thumb. So I aggressively started a rigorous rehabilitation program. After two weeks of rehab, and the chances of racing in the next few weeks seemed about as good as winning the Michigan Lottery, I needed to have surgery. I was able to get in that night for the surgery. I indeed had an ulnar collateral ligament rupture. The damage was significant but repairable, so after four weeks in a cast I have been doing the necessary rehab and training to be back 100 percent for the start of the outdoors.

After all of this drama with my thumb, and the emotional let down of a premature ending to what was shaping up to be my best SX season yet, my life didn't take long to make a huge turnaround.

My wife Nicole gave birth to our first child on Feb. 24. Ava Marie was born healthy without complication, which is all we could ask. Nicole is doing really well and Ava truly is a gift from God!

I want to thank all of my fans for their support through this tough
time for me in my racing season. Also, a huge thanks to Nicole for her sacrifices to make sure I am able to train at 100 percent with a newborn. 

Xyience, MDK, Tucker Rocky, MSR, Honda, Bell, Oxtar, Vans, and Scott, THANK YOU for your continued support!

Nick Wey