Number Cruncher Redux: #121


Last week Andy Bowyer crunched #121. Here's a few other famous 121s...

Todd Wilcom

photo: Courtesy of

My name is Todd Wilcom, I'm from Frederick MD and I have run 121 for as long as I can remember. I don't have any national championships but I got a few state championships and have gotten a few top 10s at Loretta's and Mini O's. My best was a 6th in 125B stock a couple years ago. I stopped racing last year to go to college, mx wasn't going to pay the bills. Here is some pictures maryland motocross took of me.

Todd Wilcom

Sorry to say I'm no bad ass pro or never was even close, but I did spend many years pounding out laps in district 17 on tracks like Maplehurst, Byron, Aztalan, Harding and the likes, proudly displaying the # 121. This picture is at the Pontiac Supercross amateur day in 1986. I crashed out going up "the stands" section and ended up dead last. Having had a bad weekend I was stunned a week later when the proof for this photo showed up in the mail. It made the whole trip worthwhile.

Johnny "O'Fast" Osborne

photo: Courtesy of Osborne

When I saw Branden [Jesseman] had 121 this year I was pumped. He's a great rider and I even saw him at a local track a couple years ago (Mt. Carroll in Illinios). I knew he would come back.
John Osborne
AKA "Johnny O'fast"
Cary, Illinios

Charlie Dunaway

photo: Nick Fisher

Ohio's Charlie Dunaway was a very fast up-and-coming Team Green rider as an amateur. He raced through the ranks and turned pro in the late '90s. He earned one national number that I can recall (#99) and then used #121 for the remainde of his pro career. He was sponsored by F&S Suzuki out of Dayton, Ohio for a couple years and regularly qualified for 125cc Eastern Regional supercross events. Unfortunately, Dunaway suffered a career-ending injury a few years ago, but will be remembered as one of Ohio's fastest riders.