Team Xposure Motorsports GNCC Report

March 21, 2007 6:54am

Team Xposure Motorsports: Rd. #1 GNCC Series Vero Beach, FL

At the first Round of the GNCC series in Vero Beach Florida things started off not so well for our XC2 Pro Rider Andy Shea.  Andy completed the first lap in a solid second place against a stacked field of 32 riders. At the first pit stop Andy's pit crew dealt him a bad blow. We did not have the quick fill can vented properly and gas was not flowing. When we tried to open the vent, gas spilled all over the bike and it stalled. We could not get it to restart. The team eventually got the bike going but lost valuable time. The result was a disappointing 16th.

Chris Douglas, Our "B" rider holeshot his race and lead early. Several mistakes kept him just outside of the podium for a 4th place finish.
Team Xposure Motorsports: Rd. #2 GNCC Series Washington, GA


At the second round of the GNCC series in Washington Georgia things again started out well for our "B" rider Chris Douglas and not so well for Andy.

Andy pulled of a great start in the XC-2 Pro class and headed into the woods in the top five. The team was optimistic as Andy's lap times should be putting him on the podium every week if it weren't for lackluster pit stops. After one lap Andy returned to the pits with his legs and lap soaked in gasoline as the gas cap came off and dumped fuel all over him. We dosed Andy
 in soap and water and he changed into dry gear and went back out! Andy finished 16th again.
The bright side of the picture is Andy's 3rd lap was the fastest lap of the entire XC-2 Pro class.
Chris Douglas finished 3rd in his class in Georgia and now sits second in the points.