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March 21, 2007 2:24pm | by:

For those of you that have followed DMXS, you know that we have millions of dedicated fans all over the world, but few as close to our heart as the Canadians. I’m not sure if it’s their cultural contributions of hockey, ice fishing, and Bob and Doug McKenzie, or they actually include the word "Mounted" in their police title that make them our kind of folks. Either way, we could not be more proud of Canadia’s own Darcy Lange and his accomplishments thus far in his young career. Darcy will be throwing back some Molson brews, watching the Redwing’s game, while ice fishing tonight, but will still have some time for us. Go Canadia!

Branden Jesseman is a former AMA Lites Champion, but of course way back in 2003 we just called it the 125 East title. Shortly after that, the former Factory Suzuki rider injured his thumb which resulted in a disappointing outdoor season which snowballed into 2004 after dislocating his wrist in January of that same year. Some personal problems and off-track distractions took their toll on the young rider and he quickly fell from the spotlight. Those fans that watched his ascent and subsequent fall are so pleased with his win last week in Orlando as Brando sets out to prove himself once again. The popular win for the Motoworld Racing/PPG/Yamaha rider has him sitting in fifth place in the points with familiar tracks to come. We have always pulled for our East Coast brother, and welcome him on tonight.

I had several people ask me what John Dowd was doing this year so I picked up the phone and called him. Dowdy is in the middle of building his new house but will ride some selected events this year, including the wild EnduroCross in Vegas. I guess he is not completely retired and will answer some question while hanging some drywall.

David Pingree is one of a kind. That is no surprise to his fans or those that read his witty Racer X articles where nothing is sacred. What did surprise me is that the semi-retired racer and full-time editor rode the two-hour WORCS race in Arizona last week. Since it was about 131 degrees and he is still taking intravenous fluids, it should make for an entertaining story tonight. He also has some exciting SuperMoto news to break as well.

The AMA takes their share of heat, and it’s usually focused at Steve Whitelock. Steve is always willing to come on the show and is candid with his answers to the tough questions. There have been a lot of issues between fuel and Pro licenses that need to be addressed. We will have a round table discussion with Steve and AMA Race Director, Jay Mitrowitz tonight.

Toyota has made an immediate impact in our sport with their various series sponsorships and the inventive TMX Athlete Program which moves talented riders forward from the amateur ranks to the pros. Sean Hackley was selected as the TMX Athlete last year and received a Toyota sponsorship and a ride on the Motoworld Racing/PPG/ Yamaha team for this year. Unfortunately, Sean was injured prior to his Atlanta debut, but should be back in action soon. Podium Marketing’s Scotty LaLonde heads the program and will also join us with details on this year’s TMX Program as the amateur championships are already in full force. Check out for more information.

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