Number Cruncher Redux: #105

March 20, 2007 7:28am | by:

Here's a couple shots of an '82 R&D Suzuki and DMC YZ. I also found this on Scott Steger's website under "vintage tests". Not the 105, but bitchin' nonetheless. I have a couple magazine scans of Kitsch & Denny Stephenson on the 105s from Ponca '85, but won't be able to get them until after the weekend.

Dennis Bushta

I scanned some pics from a motocross action mag that featured the DMC KX105 that John Kitsch (#219) used in '87, pretty trick stuff with that stylish one of a kind DMC look. 

Steve Conventry

Here's a pic of my dad on a Maico at Englishtown. I'm guessing in the late 70s. #105 was his local number while he was racing expert in District 6.

Joel Dengler