To Carry Leatt Brace

BBMX is pleased to announce that team sponsor BTOSports will be one of the first online stores to carry the new Leatt Brace.  The Leatt Brace is the new state of the art neck support system that many of the worlds top racers have begun using to try and help prevent cervical spinal chord injuries. BTOSports has already begun pre-selling both Leatt Brace models and they will become available to the public by March 30th. There is a direct link set up on the home page of the BTOSports web sight,, to make all Leatt Brace orders as easy as 1-2-3. 
Customers can chose from either the Moto GPX Club neck brace or the Moto GPX Sport neck brace depending on their desired price range. Top SX pro racer Chad Reed became the latest top rider to be outfitted in the brace at this past weekends Orlando SX. Each weekend, more and more top riders are being seen wearing the brace proving that it is very easy and comfortable to ride in. 
The demand for the Leatt Brace has been through the roof for the past couple months and now will be able to offer this item directly to their customers for a great price. Please log onto now to order your new Leatt Brace today! 
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