Orlando Practice Report

Ricky Carmichael’s wild weekend isn’t messing with his riding much, as he and James Stewart have been close at the top of the laptime leader board this afternoon in Orlando. In the first session James edged RC by two tenths of a second. In the second session, they spent the early laps going back and forth for fastest time. Checkered flag just came out and Stewart edged RC by five one hundredths of a second!

There’s a good battle behind them, with Chad Reed, Tim Ferry, Grant Langston, Kevin Windham and Davi Millsaps all within a second of each other.

            Of course practice only tells so much. The Orlando track is sandy and it will break down.

            And if you think this pack is close, the East Region Lites gang is outrageously evenly matched on speed. Most of the second practice session saw a dice between Ryan Dungey and Darcy Lange, but basically in this class, it’s a wash. Lange is jumping a difficult (for a 250F) rhythm section, which may help him if he gets out front.

            The Supercross Live! webcast is back this week, and the Supercross Class airs on TV tomorrow at 6 p.m. EST.