DMXS Tonight


We will be honoring the Motocross Savings Time by moving the DMXS show from 9 to 8:00 P.M. EST from now on. This will help our beloved riders that have an early bed time and all. Also, our show will be broadcast live tonight from the Oak Hill amateur national round in Texas.

Davi Millsaps had plenty of success last year in the outdoors after moving up to the 450 after his championship. He was set to carry that momentum into the supercross season, but a broken femur had the Georgia native sidelined until Atlanta. He scored his first top ten last week on the difficult Daytona track and will join us as he prepares for Orlando.

Mitch Payton told me at Anaheim that all the smack talk and doubters about Ben Townley would be proven wrong and the motocross prophet was right. Ben had a rough start after coming to the US from the GPs, but the likeable MX2 World Champion has proven to be worth the wait. A rare mechanical problem for the Pro Circuit team at Atlanta had Ben out of the gate with a DNF and zero points. You can’t keep a good Kiwi down and Ben quickly backed that up with two wins and finds himself right in the title hunt, just six points back. You can check out to see Ben’s other hobbies, which include gardening and gator wrestling.

Kevin’s restraining order has expired so we can finally get Jamie Little back on the show. Jamie has always been one of our favorite girls in the sport, and we could not be more proud of her ascent from supercross to IRL to NASCAR. Jamie will be busy this year traveling around 36 weekends to cover about 50 races for ESPN/ABC. They will be broadcasting the final 17 events in NASCAR’s 36-race schedule in 2007. We always enjoy catching up with our dream prom date. Check out for updates on her travels and experiences at the track.

Shane Watts is a colorful character to say the least. His impressive speed is only countered by his Pastrana-like injury record. Shane was bumped from his KTM ride just before the season and did what every fired rider wants to do: He bought his own bikes and equipment and layed wood to the factory teams at the season opener in Florida. This was taken from his own website:

"This will be my 15th year of racing KTM machinery, but due to KTM’s current indication of being unable to support my racing efforts in any form, this is the first year that I have had to go out and buy all of my own KTM bikes and parts. We have obtained great support from all of our team sponsors but unfortunately it won’t be enough to cover my expenses for the year. Hopefully further support will be forth coming soon, at least from KTM, otherwise we’ll be off to see our friendly bank manager!" Shane will give us update tonight.

The beautiful and lovely Jason Weigandt will somehow fit us into his busy schedule tonight. We are very, very thankful!

For those fans who did not know who Villopoto or Alessi was before they turned pro, you really needed to follow amateur racing more closely. The amateur nationals have already started and the country’s finest riders have assembled at Oak Hill in Texas to contest the next batch of titles to be handed out. The names atop those results’ pages will be the same ones signing pro contracts in the near future, and battle all year long with their rivals for the right to do so. We are being broadcast live their tonight and will welcome KTM’s Blake Wharton, Factory Connection prodigy Trey Canard, and American Honda’s poster boy, Justin Barcia. You can check out daily GK Films’ updates at

WWR has taken on a monumental endeavor with their team and it has really started to pay off. We are pumped for our boy Kyle Tobin with his rides so far and we will catch up with him from the Millsaps Training Facility tonight. Also, Don Raspberry from Lockjaw Racing, and MDK Speed Equipment backed Hog Haven rider, Zach Ames, will join the party tonight. Power to the Privateer!