Andrew McFarlane In For Daytona

Chino, CA – March 8, 2007 – Team Rockstar/WBR/Suzuki rider Andrew McFarlane will finally join his teammates Michael Byrne and Kelly Smith on the track Friday night at Daytona International Speedway. 

Andrew has been watching his teammates from the sidelines due to an injury he sustained in practice back in November.  Originally slated to ride the west coast Lites series, McFarlane had to take a back seat and wait till the east started.  However, when the series began in Atlanta, team manager Tony Sulek still felt it wise to keep him benched.  The extra three weeks of healing have proved to be smart medicine as McFarlane is definitely race ready.

"Andrew has been working really hard these last couple of weeks," Sulek explained. "It wasn't until last night that we made the decision to let him race.  We're all really excited about having him out there and we're expecting a great weekend from all three guys."

Team owner Brad Williams is equally pumped: "Andrew is a great rider and it's been tough to keep him back but we needed to make sure he had completely healed and was 100% ready before we let him go out there.  It's great to finally have a full complement of riders in the game right now."