Number Cruncher Redux: #62

March 5, 2007 8:45am | by:

Thanks to our readers, here are some other famous #62s...

Pretty cool article to read. My brother is Jay Wentzel, from Michigan. He raced soley on sponsorship from our parents. He actually raced an arenacross series a few years back but re-injury to his shoulder forced him  to give up racing for good. It's great to see his "30 seconds" of fame and know that because of the internet; his name and number will float around  for others to read indefinitely!
Still a proud sister,

Lisa LaRoe

Carlos Serrano or Alan King?

I believe this is either Carlos Serrano or Alan King. I took this picture at Lake Whitney in 1981. If you know which it is please let me know. Thanks.

Rob Thompson

n 1985 Phil Larson from Washington state rode with AMA National #62. Phil won the first ever supercross held at B.C place up here in British Columbia in ‘83, andhe would finish fifth in the 1985 event wearing #62.

Steve Coventry