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March 5, 2007 8:20am

Consumers Clean Out Garages by Listing Goods for Auction, Sale or Trade at for Simple Flat-Rate Fees

New Site Attracts Some 80,000 Visitors a Month; Classic Auction Format Instantly Extends Auctions by 60 Seconds After Users Place Last-Second Bids

APPLE VALLEY, Calif., March 5, 2007 - JVS Services, Inc. announced today the official launch of, an online marketplace where members can auction items without paying commissions, efficiently manage online classified listings and -- for free -- set up trades with other users.

Many consumers who have rooms full of items they’d like to sell are often intimidated or overwhelmed by online marketplaces in the same way they’re overwhelmed by rooms full of sellable goods, said Jon Varley,’s founder. The site, he said, was created to give consumers a simple platform to sell their goods online for a pre-set flat rate, while offering them three ways to get rid of an item.

“Auctioning and selling off wares can be really fun, but for some people it’s just not worth the effort,” Varley said. “We know people are busy, and we wanted to make it easy for anyone out there to list and sell just about anything online.”

The site, he said, equals the playing field for all Web surfers by extending auctions by 60 seconds when a bid is made in the last minute of an auction. Members with slow Internet connections have time to re-bid and sellers can potentially earn more from their auctions.

Members of the site can take part in Dutch auctions and use the site as a forum to advertise garage- and yard-sale items, as well as help-wanted ads.

Visitors to become members of the site after signing up through a secure Web page. Members of the site can log in, select the auction, classifieds or trade category, fill out their ad listings -- including up to three pictures -- preview their ads and click “checkout” to get their ads up and running.

Varley added that, unlike conventional newspaper ads, members who post items in the site’s classifieds can immediately remove their postings after finding buyers to avoid receiving calls or inquiries about an item after a sale. charges sellers a flat rate for their listings, and buyers do not pay any fees.

For more information on’s flat-rate fees, visit and click the “Help” button located at the top of the page.

About is based on the idea of a local newspaper’s want ads combined with a flat-rate auction to give consumers more options to sell their goods. The site’s founders believe in the motto "the simpler the better." Instead of complicating things, the founders focus on giving consumers a place to trade, sell or auction goods for prices that make sense and allow them to sell even the smallest things. Web surfers buy, sell and trade collectibles, automobiles, books, antiques and much more at