Hawkstone Park Race Results

March 5, 2007 6:46am

Treacherous weather conditions threatened to make the infamous Hawkstone Park circuit unbearable to ride, nonetheless, Factory Yamaha rider, Josh Coppins and many other GP contenders still put on a show for a brave English public who had turned up to face the dismal conditions.

Coppins was not at ease on the demanding and somewhat dangerous circuit however the New Zealander was content with his 3-4 finish, leaving the Hawkstone Park with 3rd overall. 

“It’s been a bit of an up and down day,” commented Coppins.  “What pity we didn’t have the weather on our side. The track took some getting used to and I must say I was not in my comfort zone today.   The super-final seemed to be going much better but then that got stopped with a fallen rider.  My starts were good and every time I went out there I was able to feel more comfortable on the bike.”

Coppins will be taking a weekend off before participating in the first round of the Open Dutch championship in Gemert on the 18 March which will make ideal sand training for the opening GP in Valkenswaard two weeks later.



Race 1:
1. Kevin Strijbos
2. Ken de Dycker
3. Joshua Coppins
4. Max Nagl
5. Marc de Reuver
6. Gordon Crockard
7. Steve Ramon
8. Bas Verhoeven
9. Marvin van Daele
10. Jussi Vehvelainen

Race 2:
1. Kevin Strijbos
2. Ken de Dycker
3. Marc de Reuver
4. Josh Coppins
5. Max Nagl
6. Tanel Leok
7. Steve Ramon
8. Billy MacKenzie
9. James Noble
10. Marvin Van Daele

MX1 overall:
1. Kevin Strijbos 60
2. Ken De Dycker 54
3. Josh Coppins 48
4. Marc de Reuver 46
5. Max Nagl 44