St. Louis Practice Report

It’s cold and snowy in St. Louis, but inside the Edwards Jones Dome, it is definitely “hot in here!” (Sorry for the bad Nelly joke. With it being the “STL” I couldn’t help myself.) They built a good track for the boys this weekend. Nothing too spectacular on the course itself, save for one tricky rhythm section and a pesky sand section. RC and Stewart are the only guys triple-tripling through the aforementioned rhythm section. There's great dirt, ample traction, and the big, wide corners are sure to provide lots of block-pass opportunities.

The first practice for the Lites group saw a couple of big crashes by Ben Townley and Ryan Dungy. Both were quick to remount, and Townley rallied to post the second fastest time of the session while his surging teammate, Darcy Lange, posted the quickest lap.

The opening session for the big boys was a see-saw battle between Carmichael and Stewart as they traded fastest times. Numnber seven eventually came out about a half-second quicker. James is really strong in the whoops. (Go figure.) Chad Reed looked fast but a little stale, and he didn’t jump the triple-triple.

Practice two in the Lites saw Townley post the fastest time right at the end of the session, ahead of Dungy and Lange. Townley appears to really be on a mission. Tommy Hahn was looking especially motivated as well.

Same story with the premier division, with Stewart again just a hair faster than RC. Reed once again failed to jump the triple-triple section, and unless he begins hitting it, the section will be an Achilles' heel for the Australian. Man, Stewart looks incredible.

The fans are already entering in droves and everyone seems charged up for tonight. Tune into Weege and Hollywood on Supercross LIVE, as they will be laying it all down.