DMXS Tonight


Our beloved Bevo was at the emergency room at 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning following the Atlanta Supercross. It seems that his weight loss (for charity) is shaking some things loose on the inside and a few Kingsford Charcoal briquet-sized kidney stones came loose. They carved their way through Bevo’s urethra like Carmichael through a fresh Southwick sand berm leaving nothing but carnage. He will be on with all the gory details of the emergency room and how he knocked over a gunshot victim and three nurses to get some meds.

Ryan Dungey was plucked from the amateur ranks last year and fans were wondering if the call-up came too soon. But when Roger DeCoster calls the bullpen, you don’t ask questions. You just grab your gear and go. This was by intelligent design to promote the talent from within the amateur ranks at Suzuki. As a matter of fact, Nico Izzi will likely take the same path and give Suzuki two young guns for many years to come. Ryan will break down his impressive win in Atlanta after a long day of testing as he prepares to back the win in St. Louis.

Lee McCullum has wrenched for some great riders at Suzuki including several years with Pastrana. Unfortunately, Broc Hepler changed colors in the off-season and left Lee without a rider for now, but that is temporary. He is slated to spin wrenches for Nico Izzi when he moves up and that pairing will likely have Lee busy for many years to come. He is one of the coolest cats in the pits, and we look forward to catching up with him tonight as we continue to give the unsung heros of the sport some love.

Steve Matthes is well known in the pits for many things including being Timmy Ferry’s ex-mechanic. One cannot help but draw comparisons to Ferry’s new found success without Matthes, and his career long struggles with him. It even went so far as Timmy calling him out on last weeks’ show which has Matthes fuming and looking for a little redemption. Steve also writes for Racer X Canada and he has used this powerful position to escalate the war of words. In fairness to both parties, we will invite Steve on to answer Ferry’s charges.

Scott Metz has a two-stroke cult following that almost willed him in to the main at the Atlanta SX. Metz missed getting into the night show, but he has forever earned the respect of the two-smoker faithful after his pilgrimage to qualify. He will let us know when the next attempt will be in hopes of claiming the collected bounty.

Danny Smith wrapped up the 2007 Toyota AMA Arenacross Championship amid a ton of talented riders and some controversy. Then again, what AX race would be worth its weight without a little smack talk and rubbing. Hell, he has been working with Hannah, so I’m sure Danny can hold his own. He will give us his take on the season and his plans for any SX or national races.

Finally KTM's Zach Osborne gets a new nickname tonight!  Any suggestions?  We have always loved this kid and were pumped on his ride in Atlanta. Zack also came out in support of our ride, and gets a great big group hug for that.

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