Increased Pro Purse For Round 3 of the WORCS Series

February 27, 2007 4:33pm

2/26/07: WORCS headquarters Hurricane, Ut.
Round 3 of the WORCS series will have the largest pro purse this year for off road racing. Sean Reddish of WORCS racing said, “There will be a $15,000 pro purse for this marquee event of the WORCS tour. With a 40 man Pro gate, WORCS will be doubling the Pro purse from $5,000 to $10,000 for the GPR Pro Main Event". In addition to the increased purse, GPR is offering a $5,000 bonus to the first GPR support racer across the finish. That means a Pro could earn up to $8,000 for the WORCS win.  Reddish continued, "We really want to reward those racers who will be competing on the toughest circuit of the year and who are contributing to the success of the tour."
Randy Norman of GPR said, “What better way to support our GPR racers than to pay $5,000, win or not, to our best finishing Pro racer. This track is the perfect proving ground for our stabilizers and our product will make it easier for someone to take home the biggest off-road paycheck yet this year. Our partnership with WORCS has and continues to be a focal point for GPR.”
Combine the WORCS Pro purse, top factory contingencies, 10,000 spectators, a carnival atmosphere, the fastest racers on the planet and you have Lake Havasu City Rnd 3 of the WORCS 2007 tour. Arizona hasn't been this hot since they stopped testing Nuclear Bombs in Nevada! Don't miss it!
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