AMA Board Of Directors Re-Election



PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has announced that Jon-Erik Burleson of KTM Sportmotorcycle USA and John Ulrich of Roadracing World Publishing have been re-elected to serve as corporate members of the AMA Board of Directors.

Burleson and Ulrich were re-elected during the annual corporate members meeting, held on Saturday, February 17, in Indianapolis. The corporate membership did not enter a nomination to fill a vacant corporate-member seat on the AMA Board of Directors, agreeing to the Board's recommendation that this seat, along with a vacant individual-member seat, not be filled, to allow for potential changes in the makeup of the Board.

In related news, Dal Smilie, who represents the Northwest Region, and Jeff Smith, who represents the North Central Region, recently were re-elected to the Board by the individual members in their regions. The Northeast Region's seat on the Board is vacant, because no candidate in that region received the required number of nominations prior to the election.

The AMA Board of Directors, which met in Indianapolis February 16 and 17, also re-elected its current slate of officers: Dal Smilie, Chairman; Stan Simpson, Vice Chairman; Croft Long, Assistant Secretary; Jeff Smith, Assistant Treasurer; and Ken Sutton, Member, Executive Committee.

The AMA Board of Directors currently consists of 12 seats: six individual Directors elected by the general membership in their respective regions and serving three-year terms; and six corporate Directors elected by the corporate membership and serving two-year terms. The AMA Board of Directors meets four times a year.