Number Cruncher Redux: #36 and #73

February 25, 2007 11:59am | by:

Here are a couple other #36s, Sean Hamblin and Ryan Sipes.

Chris Girch

Sean Hamblin's Factory Suzuki RM250

Ryan Sipes


Jean-Sébastien Roy, five-time Canadian Motocross champion, put in an impressive sixth-place finish in the second moto at Unadilla in 2003. He lost valuable time in the first one when he helped Ernesto Fonseca after they both went down but he charged for a 12th, which earned him eighth overall for the day, and this interesting Motonews Daily News cover.
I attached the 'cover' and the original shot in case you prefer not to use the cover. Photo by Steve Bruhn. I'm not sure who took the picture of him and Ernesto but it was on That canadian website is pretty much dead by now.
Bruno Menard

Hello man, I have some pictures....

Trampas Parker in MXGP MX3 in 2003.

Trampas Parker

Yann Guedard in MXGP in 1991 (Photos courtesy of

Yann Guedard


And here's Danny Chandler in 1985, I believe.

Danny "Magoo" Chandler

And finally, here's a picture of Kess Van der Ven. Sorry, I don't remember the year of this picture.

Kess Van der Ven

Daniele Sinatra

Here's one o Neil Hudson (36), 1981 250cc World Champion.  He moved to 500cc in 1982, where he  joined Hakan Carlquist (3) on Team Yamaha, leaving the 250 Yamaha ride for Danny LaPorte. This picture is from the Austrian 500 MXGP in Sittendorf. Hudson finished the year in third place behind Brad Lackey and Andre Vromans.
Warren Price

Neil Hudson (36)

Now here are some other #73s...

Just a quick note for the #73. Ernesto Fonseca used it at the World Cup of MX at Glen Helen in '02. He got fifth in the first moto, won the second moto, and got 27th in the third moto (which didn't count because they threw away your worst result).
There is a sweet pic of the start in one moto and he is running inside the top five, and I'm sure I've seen it on the RXI site before.
The reason I remember that is because 73 was my first racing number, so I always cheered for anyone who used it as well. I got bumped up to #173 a few years ago, so I have to cheer for Nathan Tierney now.
Jay Moore

Hey Andy, Michael Moore ran #73 back in the day with Earl May and the boys. See if anyone may have a pic cause the old guy never really got any props. He got 11th overall at the Budds Creek 500 national in '92 or '93.
Pat McCormick

Drew Gosselaar, who just signed with MDK to race the 250Fs starting with this year’s national series. Has raced the 7#3 for years.

Josh Goodale

Drew Gosselaar

Here is a picture of Steve Lamson wearing #73 as a member of Team Peak at the 1991 500 USGP at Glen Helen where he finished ninth overall with 5-DNF moto scores.
James Rolland

Steve Lamson