Doublin Gap MX Park Announcement

February 20, 2007 5:43am
The owners of Doublin Gap Motorcross Park want to address some of the negative publicity recently published in the Shippensburg Sentinel. Doublin Gap has and will continue to make every effort to work with the residents and supervisors of Hopewell Township.  Our motocross park currently operates on a pre-existing, nonconforming use, and has been doing so for the past Three decades.  Commendably, in the past eleven years, Doublin Gap and the supervisors of the township have made great strides with safety and traffic concerns. 

The safety of the community and the public is always a concern of Doublin Gap Motocross Park.  This month a new entrance to the facility will be under construction, thanks to a conditional use approved by the township supervisors.  This entrance will alleviate all traffic concerns with turning on to or off of Route 696 when entering and exiting the track property.  This is a costly project for the motocross park, but nonetheless an important one to ensure the safety of the community. 

Dust control is also an area of concern for both town residents and our motocross riders.  Last year, Doublin Gap began installing a sprinkler system designed to help control the dust and keep it at a minimum at all times. It’s a costly project but we try our best to keep up with the newest technology available to keep our facility safe and operating smoothly.

In addition to the aforementioned improvements, a safety plan designed by Jim Boman of Capital Security has been implemented at the track. This safety plan incorporates emergency exits, Life-Lion Evacuation, on-site rescue, and fire lanes among additional safety precautions.

The owners of Doublin Gap Motocross Park continue to be committed to doing everything possible to address the concerns of its neighbors and township supervisors. We are a family run business and we foresee Doublin Gap being passed on for generations to come, so we are here to stay.  Our goal is to operate a safe, profitable motocross track while staying in compliance with all state and government regulations and doing our best to keep our neighbors happy and our riders and spectators safe.