Ron Lechien and One Industries

It's 1983. 16-year-old Ron Lechien from El Cajon, California, bursts onto the AMA supercross and motocross scene with a full factory ride. Baby-faced and thin as a rail, Lechien goes up against the more experienced stars of the sport and quickly establishes himself as one of the top contenders by winning the Orlando SX and three nationals in his rookie season.

Throughout the 80s, Lechien's fluid effortless style sets him apart from the rest of the riders. To this day, Lechien remains one of the most naturally gifted riders the sport has ever seen. With 25 combined SX and MX national wins, two USGPs and one MXDN win, Lechien has a permanent place in MX history as one of the top-20 most successful riders of all time.

In late 1988, a young designer, Marc Blanchard, is just starting as art director for the famed JT Racing. His first encounter with the flamboyant Lechien is one for the history books. In less than a week, the two are hard at work with ideas for a unique look that would fit Lechien's nickname the "DOGGER"! To JT-Boss John Gregory's delight, the Dalmatian pattern and ad campaign were born!

A decade later, Ron Lechien is retired from racing, co-owns Maxima lubricants and fellow San Diegan Marc Blanchard creates ONE Industries.

Fast forward another ten years and in 2006,� ONE Industries releases the "David Bailey Trooper Replica helmet" to an excited worldwide audience.

The Bailey project is instantly widely acclaimed by Motocross fans. They use the Internet forums to voice their message of wanting more and specifically call for a "DOGGER replica" by name!

Marc and Ronnie soon hook up together and during the process of their bench-racing session, the lunch table is rapidly covered with Lechien's salvaged helmets and old photos.

TODAY, One Industries and Ron Lechien present the VERY LIMITED EDITION "Trooper Lechien Replica" Helmet. Available early march 2007 for $329 at the finest motorcycle dealers worldwide, the Lechien Trooper Replica helmet is a fusion of style, technology, design and input from a legendary racer whose charisma has marked our sport forever.

for more info, contact ONE Industries at 619-263-9880, see You can also send comments to :

Dealers visiting the Indianapolis Dealer expo this week-end can view the helmet at ONE Industries' booth #3711 along with the rest of the new spring releases.