Leatt Brace Demo Day


Leatt Brace will be attending Friday February 16th practice, before round 2 of the WORCS Series, at Racetown 395 and will be offering WORCS riders the opportunity to test ride their new neck brace. The Leatt Brace was designed to offer riders a new level of protection against neck injuries. The Leatt Brace offers you protection against the following injury types:

Hyperflexion – head moving forwards
Hyperextension – head moving backwards
Posterior Hypertranslation – head moving backwards on the neck
Lateral Hyperflexion – head moving sideways (side impact)
Axial Loading – compressive force acting on the spine
Control head deceleration to prevent traumatic brain injury
Protect the soft tissue neck structures from your safety harness and chest protector.

Please stop by and check out the brace.