DMXS Tonight!

February 14, 2007 2:51pm

David Bailey acknowledged the elephant in the room last week and made everyone else finally admit it was there, too. With Guy B’s camera rolling, DB laid it all out on the table for our sport to collectively discuss the taboo subject of spinal cord injuries. David wants to answer questions directly from the fans tonight about his motive and where we go from here. We welcome you to call in during his segment with questions or comments. 770-941-3645

Troy Adams has admittitedly had a rough start to the season so far, but the likeable RockStar / WBR Lites rider is still top ten in the points and looking to improve. Troy is often the only yellow bike in the main event, but he continues to fight the good fight. He always has a smile on his face, and we always enjoy having him on the show.

Martin Davalos traveled to the Millsaps camp from somewhere far, far away where huge afros on white dudes were cool to have. Marty signed with Factory KTM with the condition that he cut his hair, and bring along Millsaps' whoops secrets with him. He did cut his Afro, but it turns out the secret to the whoops is actually hair somewhere else.

Gary Bailey has been around a long time and seen a lot in his many years in this sport. We thought it was fitting to get his reaction to his son’s revelations last week and the progression of safety in our sport. Gary is also working with the Alessi brothers, so we will get the latest on the talented duo as they prepare for the opening round in Atlanta.

Matt "Woz" Wozney can be spotted all over country filming MX events from amateur to Arenacross and everything in between. He just released a new NE amateur video for your viewing pleasure and will tell us how you can illegally download and burn a copy to your computer. I’m just kidding. You can go to to order your copy of MotoXposure2.

Tyler Bowers will kick your ass. There, I said it. The 15-year phenom just laid wood to the deep BooKoo AX field to take home the 50 g’s in cheese with his overall win at the US Open of AX. Since you have to be 16 to turn pro, Rupert X is reporting that Tyler will be at Hangtown on a MDK 450 to rub plastic with the big boys. It’s a good thing that he is in fact a big boy. We will hear from the man-child tonight.

If you looking for something to do in Atlanta while in town for the Supercross in addition to our DMXS Red Bull Friday night party in Buckhead, and our huge DMXS Ride-4-AT on Sunday, please stop by the 26th Annual Cycle News International Motorcycle Show at the World Congress Center. The show will be held February 23-25, and will feature more than 180,000 square feet of displays. Check out for tickets and info.

WWR will welcome on riders Kyle Tobin, and Ramon Guzman, and Don Rasberry from Lockjaw Racing. Check out for the latest auctions and information on the program.

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