Maley Motorsports Teams With WWR

February 9, 2007 6:16am

Murrieta, CA. In keeping with its mission to assist the privateers, Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) welcomes Maley Motorsports to the DeCal Works/P-LoK Hog Haven support program.
Based on positive feedback and measurable on-track improvement from riders working with Justin Maley, WWR has reached an agreement to integrate the Maley Motorsports coaching program into the Hog Haven program. Under this arrangement, rider training and coaching will be offered to all the Hog Haven riders at a substantial discount. A number of riders that pit under the 80x20ft tent have signed individual agreements and begun training under Justin.

“I’m really proud to be part of the Hog Haven program” Maley said “It makes me feel good that the guys I have been working with have faith in me and want me to work with the rest of the team also.” Antonio Balbi, who has been training under the program Maley Motorsports has set, expressed his appreciation and has been completely satisfied with the work Justin has done.

The Hog Haven program has been a big success so far and the riders that pit under the big tent are appreciative of the sponsor support. Through the combined efforts of everyone involved, the riders are under much less pressure, yielding better results.

You can find Maley Motorsports on the web at

The next stop on the 2007 Hog Haven Tour will be Saturday, February 10th in Houston, Texas. Hog Haven apparel can be purchased at the LiveNation merchandise trailer in the pits or at All WWR proceeds go towards funding their privateer support programs.

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