FMX Riot 2 Nominated For Xtremey

February 5, 2007 10:41pm

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(Feb 5, 2007)  "FMX RIOT 2: Swingarm City," has joined a select group of films  nominated for a prestigious Xtremey Award, honoring the best in action sports and motorsports filmmaking.

"FMX RIOT 2" is nominated in the "Best Theatrical Competition and Race" category.  To vote for this, or any of the films in any category, please register and vote by going to:  (Register to vote and "FMX RIOT 2" is listed as you scroll down under "Theatrical Competition and Race" – and please vote for all your favorite films in all categories)

To see a trailer of "FMX Riot 2" please go to:

Like the Xtremey-award winning original, "FMX RIOT: Duel in the Desert", "FMX RIOT 2:  Swingarm City" was shot entirely in high-definition and once again is a heart-stopping look at an event which features no rules and no ramps – just the best freestyle moto-x riders on the planet living together, riding together, and judging each other.  Captured with incredible helicopter angles and set in the incredible badlands of Caineville, UT, "FMX Riot 2" features Mike Metzger, Mike Mason, Todd Potter, Dustin Miller, Drake McElroy, Myles Richmond and Larry Linkogle.

"These athletes took it to a whole new level at the best riding spot on earth, and thanks to the entire MXi production team, including co-producer and host Tes Sewell, event director Dave Butts and director Chris Merritt, it all came together in this documentary," commented Paul Taublieb, creative producer of the film and CEO of MXi.. "We're honored to be among these nominees, and ask the fans to support our film as well as all the Xtremey athletes and nominees."  "FMX RIOT 2", also covered in Racer X Illustrated, was produced in conjunction with Voom's all HD network, RushHD, with executive producers Mark DeAngelis, Rob Faris, Greg Rossetti and Taublieb.  Upcoming, look for "FMX Riot 3 – Dubai!"

Created by Docy Andrews of Impact Video, this is the seventh annual Xtremey Awards.  With attendance by invitation only, the event is taking place on May 8, 2007, at the illustrious OC Pavilion in Santa Ana, CA.  This year a special Honorary Achievement Award will be presented to Sal Fish, head of SCORE International and the Baja 1000.

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