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February 2, 2007 5:29am | by:

Dear ping, being that you are amongst the wisest of all when it comes to all that is moto what is the motion that bubba makes on the starting line hitting his chest then pointing to the sky also he did this at the end of the race thanks o great moto guru, Vern.

Dear Vern,

Irritated esophagus?

photo: Simon Cudby

I really don’t know the answer to that question, believe it or not. But I have narrowed it down to a couple of things that it might be. First, maybe it’s a religious thing. Maybe God is Bubba’s homeboy and he’s throwing up mad props before and after his wins. That’s a possibility because I see wide receivers do it all the time in the NFL just before they break into a self-congratulatory end zone dance that lasts through an entire commercial break. On the other hand I’ve never seen him wearing any type of religious markings or mention God in an interview or do his little finger-point to the heavens when he doesn’t win. The other option is that he has an easily irritated esophagus. Maybe he’s choking on something and then bumping his chest to knock it loose. The upwards finger-point is simply to show the lodged food particle which direction it needs to go. Maybe he has acid reflux? Let’s get Bubba some medication and get to the bottom of this.



Hello, I have size 13 feet, and it causes problems while I’m riding b/c my toes hit the shift and brake lever accidentally. Can you give me a lead on some companies that make extended shift and brake levers? Thanks, Donny

Dear Donny,

Donny's future?

Those are some gigantic feet, brother. I don’t know of any companies that make longer shift levers, off-hand, but I do know a couple great surgeons. Why don’t you stomp your giant clod-hoppers into a doctor’s office and get the ends of those things chopped off? It would probably be a great move for you, socially, since size 13’s would make anyone look like they’re wearing clown shoes. Another option is to buy a Volkswagen beetle, find a dozen other freaks with feet that big, pack them in your VW and join the circus.
Good luck with all that.



Hey Ping,
I love listening to the webcast when it works. I tried all 3 of my computers Saturday night and couldn’t get it on any of them. I haven’t been able to get it since they made us start signing in. I suppose I’m the only whose had any trouble with it. Nobody from answered my email so I’m emailing to ask you because you’re the only one who cares. Does the webcast really work?

Having trouble listening to these guys?

photo: David Brozik

Dear Wallace,

As far as I can tell… no, it doesn’t work at all. The whole signing-in thing seems to have thrown quite a few people off. I have had at least a handful of people give up on the webcast after struggling with the sign-in page. I suggest you write a strongly-worded letter to those in charge of the webcast or just be patient and watch the race twelve hours later on television.