Kyle Cunningham Update

Yamaha of Troy’s Kyle Cunningham is in his first professional season racing supercross. Unfortunately the young rider suffered a pretty nasty crash at the test track last week. We gave Kyle a call today to get a brief update on his condition.

Racer X: What injuries did you sustain in your crash, Kyle?
Kyle Cunningham: Nothing really severe. I bruised my ribs up a bit, and I had an air pocket in between my ribs and lung, so it caused part of my lung to collapse, but there was no puncture or anything. So they had to get that out. The put this tube in to get the air out, and now my lung is fine. I went and saw my trainer and I almost feel that I could breathe better. The food in the hospital wasn’t too great, so I’m glad to be out.

How many days were you there?
I was there for five days. After the first day being there I thought I could leave, but that wasn’t the case.

Yamaha of Troy's Kyle Cunningham

photo: Steve Bruhn

Any idea of when you could get back on the bike?
Well, I went and saw my trainer and I rode the stationary bike and did push-ups and squats. I felt good and didn’t tire out that bad. My body still feels a little weak, but not too bad. We’re actually on our way now to go and see a Doctor who is in the motocross industry.

So what are your thoughts on your first few races?
They weren’t too bad. I didn’t get the greatest starts at first. I wish I would’ve started off a little better. Phoenix went real well, and then Anaheim 2 I came out of the gate better but rode tight. We’re working on that at the track and I started feeling better, but then I went down and I’m bummed about that. I’m getting used to the racing, and I’m looking forward to coming back.

Get better, man. We’ll see you soon.
Thanks, Billy.