Denver AX Results

January 29, 2007 6:57am

Reynard is the King of Denver; Cory Green is Undefeated

AURORA, Ill., January 28, 2007 – Team mates Robbie Reynard and Cory Green went two for two in AMA Toyota Arenacross here tonight in front of a capacity crowd at the Denver Coliseum.  Reynard, a past Arenacross National Champion from the mid 90’s, was able to match last nights race by leading from start to finish.  Cernic’s Honda’s Danny Smith was able to tuck in behind Reynard and followed to a 2nd place finish with The Bobby J’s Yamaha of Keith Johnson finishing second.  The 2006 National Toyota Arenacross Champion, Chad Johnson, experienced a nightmare this weekend with chronic bike problems last night and a hard crash tonight yielding him zero points.  The Arenacross regulars were met with a stubborn group of Colorado riders.  Travis Bannister, Hunter Meyer, Kyle Calderini and Bobby Fitch all put up a good fight throughout the weekend.

Like his team mate, Robbie Reynard, Cory Green’s Reynard Modification led from wire to wire to win his second AMA Toyota Arenacross Lites West main event in a row.

Toyota AMA Arenacross Main Results

1.                  Robbie Reynard, Hon

2.                  Danny Smith, Hon

3.                  Keith Johnson, Yam

4.                  Kevin Johnson, Yam

5.                  Justin Buckelew, Hon

Toyota AMA Arenacross Lites Results

1.                  Cory Green, Hon

2.                  Travis Bannister, Hon

3.                  Hunter Meyer, Hon

4.                  Bryce Huffman, Kaw

5.                  Kyle Calderini, Hon

Toyota AMA Arenacross Points

     1.    Danny Smith (2) 271

     2.    Robbie Reynard (6)        253

     3.    Chad Johnson (2)           237

     4.    Keith Johnson (2)           232

     5.    Brock Sellards (4)          227

     6.    Kevin Johnson (2)           223

     7.    Teddy Maier                  190      

     8.    Justin Buckelew             187      

     9.    Matt Barnes                  186

   10.     Jim Neese (1)                170