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January 26, 2007 12:50pm | by:

In recent motocross history, neck injury occurrences have been increasing at an exponential rate.

If spinal injuries like those suffered by James Marshall and Ernesto Fonseca in 2006 haven't motivated you to rethink your safety and your safety gear, what will? Maybe seeing semi-gods Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath also dodge a disaster and having close calls this past year did? Or to really convince you, do we need to display the fate of the dozens of other less-known fallen riders?

David Bailey's Full Circle Foundation and ONE Industries have teamed up to start a pro-active program which will help increase awareness in cervical protection. They have decided together to use proceeds from its "Dream Team - David Bailey Maggiora 1986 MXDN DVD" sales, and purchase 100 sets of Leatt-brace and distribute those free of charge to 100 lucky winners of a contest.

"The concept is simple!" said Ludo Boinnard of ONE Industries.
"We can keep doing fundraisers over and over or we can start getting people to use this revolutionary device right now!
If you break your back, and lose usage of your legs, you can still have a pretty active life. Look at successful people
like Pro Circuit boss Mitch Payton and Formula ONE team owner Frank Williams, just to name a few....

On the other hand, if you break your neck and also lose usage of your arms, not only does your life come to a screeching standby, but everybody's lives around you are changed forever as they have to care for you for the rest of your life. Using this brace greatly reduces such risk.

We just hope those first 100 braces will have saved riders and their families from such horrible fate. Unfortunately, in our sport, it's not IF YOU WILL CRASH but WHEN YOU WILL CRASH!. Believe me, I've had my share of those!" added Ludo.

To enter the contest and win your own LEATT-BRACE, click here.

(No purchase necessary. Winners chosen at ONE Industries' discretion) fill the questionnaire and see the drawing results march 1st 2007.

If any questions or comments, you may email to

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