MTF Suzuki Supercross Team Announced

January 26, 2007 1:31pm

Millsaps Training Facility, in conjunction with Suzuki USA, announce the formation of a new Supercross East Coast Team. To be known as the “MTF Suzuki Supercross team” it will provide 2 riders with the opportunity to compete in all East Coast Supercross events.

Chosen to pilot the Suzuki RMZ 250’s are Freddy Kaarle out of Hobart Indiana and Braden Barnes from Longmont, Colorado. Says Freddy, “we’re really excited about this opportunity and hope to shine for MTF. We hope to make an immediate impact out there”. Adds Braden, “This is just great. Not just for us but for the other MTF guys that follow us”. How does he see himself doing? “Well my goal in each event is to make the main and after that take it from there”.

The first East coast event in Atlanta is just a few short weeks away on February 24th. After that the team will head to St. Louis on March 3rd, Daytona March 9th, Orlando March 17th, Indianapolis March 24th, Dallas, Texas March 31st and wrap up in Detroit March 21st.

The team will be sponsored by the following companies; Suzuki, FMF, Factory Connection, Cernics, Renthal, Dunlop, No Fear, Shoei, Alpinestars, Scott Goggles and Tri-Star, Works Connection, Twin Air, PR2, VP Racing Fuels.

For sponsorship information contact Pete Brewington;