Dayton Arenacross Results

January 21, 2007 8:39am

Green Makes it all OK in Toyota Arenacross Lites North

AURORA, Ill., January 20, 2007 – Oklahoma rider Robbie Reynard came up with the ace in tonight’s Toyota AMA Arenacross main event.  Reynard got off to a great start outlasting the field to the first turn and leading the first two laps.  His number 17 Honda slowed going through a hairpin turn letting Team Faith’s Kevin Johnson pass.  KJ was the winner from the Friday night program and was poised to make it two in a row when he was involved in a crash near the halfway mark of the race.  That is all Reynard needed to take a lead that he would not give up.  Chad Johnson was able to stay out of trouble coasting to a 2nd place finish with Jim Neese third.

The Toyota AMA Arenacross Lites North saw Nowata, Okla., rider Cory Green lead from wire to wire.  His win made it an all Oklahoma and all Reynard Modifications win for the second time this year.

The Toyota AMA Arenacross will continue tomorrow as the amateur riders from around the region will race for the right to go to the US Open this October.

Toyota AMA Arenacross Main Results

1.                  Robbie Reynard, Hon

2.                  Chad Johnson, Suz

3.                  Jim Neese, Suz

4.                  Danny Smith, Hon

5.                  Teddy Maier, Hon


Toyota AMA Arenacross Lites Results

1.                  Cory Green, Hon

2.                  Kevin Markwardt, Hon

3.                  Tyler Bright, Suz

4.                  Nathan Skaggs, Hon

5.                  Nick Adams, Hon

Toyota AMA Arenacross Points

1.    Danny Smith (2) 236

2.    Chad Johnson (2)           223

3.    Robbie Reynard (4)        203

4.    Keith Johnson (2)            190

5.    Kevin Johnson (2)           190

6.    Brock Sellards (3)           188

7.    Justin Buckelew              163      

8.    Teddy Maier                    155      

9.    Matt Barnes                      148

10.     Jim Neese                     125