The Great Outdoors: Industrial Strength DVD

January 18, 2007 8:31am

The Great Outdoors is art. It’s not practical and not centered around the factual. If you want a document or DVD to tell you who won what races during the 2006 AMA/Toyota Motocross Championship, check out the AMA website for results, or even the season-highlights DVD package the AMA offers. If you have questions, those will help give you the “oh.” But if you want the “ah,” TGO: Industrial Strength is the only game in town.
No Fear’s Great Outdoors series has been chilling motocross fans since 2002, offering filmed, slow-motion, art-quality footage as well as killer music the likes of which showcase your favorite sport the way you always try to describe it. Motocross is beautiful in it ruggedness in TGO. The DVD makes you want to ride, want to race, and want to go to the races. It does not, however, give you the blow-by-blow account of the season gone by. This year’s edition skips around from round to round and rider to rider with little reason, jumping from one race to another, skipping some, changing classes, and mixing interviews.

But there’s a new twist this year. The Industrial Strength header comes from the microphones wired up to team managers and mechanics, giving never-before-seen insight to the races. The film starts with former Boost Mobile/Yamaha of Troy team manager Dave Osterman barking orders at High Point. It includes Josh Grant’s mechanic, Naveen, consoling Josh after a moto at Southwick, and the KTM team trying to figure out a way to keep Mike Alessi up front. Along the way, Mike Gosselaar chats with Ricky Carmichael on the starting line and Andrew Short tries to get the ball rolling. You’ve never heard this stuff before.

And like always, the footage and music on here is like no other. The beauty of motocross can’t be seen on a results sheet, but it’s obvious in The Great Outdoors. You can pick yours up for only $24.95 right here