DMXS Tonight


Mitch Payton and Pro Circuit continue to be the gold standard and the podium at Anaheim 1 proves the same. His eye for talent is remarkable and he even works out deals with fast kids who don’t speak English very well. Christophe Pourcel is so fast, the "r" in his first name was blown off, but he has never looked back. We will catch up with the Pro Circuit patriarch for his take on round one.

Travis Preston is the ninja of supercross. He is very quiet but effective at picking off the competition and finished a very impressive foutth on the demanding track last weekend. It’s a little known fact that Travis was actually raised by Ninjas. A little basket washed ashore in a Ninja village some twenty years ago with a pale baby inside. They treated him as one of their own and he was trained in the secretive arts. Unfortunately, at age 13, Travis was almost seven feet tall and stood out quite a bit. His untanned shins always gave him away at night since they never had an outfit to fit him. He then made his way to Hesperia, California where he dabbled in Asian gangs for a while until he found his true love of motorcycles. The Bruce Lee of SX will join us tonight.

Matt Lemoine is a well-known name in the amateur circles but the native Cajun turned some heads at round one with a seventh-place finish at his debut Supercross. With a high triple-digit number (630), you could see some fans checking their programs and asking who this Star Racing rider was. Matt is also part of the Toyota TMX Athlete Program which helps catapult riders to the next level. His hard work and dedication as an amateur helped him earn a spot as a Toyota-sponsored rider for 2007. For more information on the program, check out

David and Amber Pingree welcomed their beautiful, healthy baby girl into this world just a few days after the tax break deadline. We wish them the best! Pingree will join us tonight and we will find out how he handles the "roosted" diapers.

Jason Weigandt has emerged from his very short off-season ready to handle the SX series for Live Nation. You can tune into the Supercross Live webcast at and listen to the racing action each week with Weege and Jim Holley. Jason will be live tonight as well from somewhere in Morgantown, West Virginia on a cell phone.

WWR’s Scott Kandel and Steve Bauer will welcome Hog Haven rider Adam Chatfield on this week. Adam finished a cool 14th in the Lites main on a tough track. They could not pull this off without sponsors and Chris Honnold from O’Neal will be on as well. Check out