Your Collection

January 8, 2007 10:54am

This week’s collection comes from Eric Hameister:


“I grew up 30 minutes away from Unadilla watching my idols David Bailey, Bob Hannah and Roger DeCoster. My dad passed away this past year and that is why I restored this bike, which is a 1979 Suzuki RM100. My dad took all of these action photos and it’s a constant reminder of my Pop. My ’79 Zookie 100 will ultimately hang over my future pool table."

Most recent shot of my pride in my studio. (I’m a professional advertising photographer.)

This was the first time I raced. It’s at the famous Broome-Tioga. I was scared to death!

Small jump shot at a track called Chariot Park in New York

Here is one of my last races on my 1979 Suzuki RM100. I think this was at a track in New York called Thunder Ridge or Oriskany Falls.


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