Anaheim 1 Stats

Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series Stats

This is the 34th season of AMA Supercross racing.
The first AMA Supercross race took place at Daytona.
Pierre Karsmakers was the first rider in history to win an AMA Supercross race. He did so aboard a Yamaha.
Karsmakers won the first AMA Supercross championship
Since ’74, 454 rounds of AMA Supercross have taken place. Since ’74, 47 different riders have won an AMA Supercross main event.
17 different riders have won an AMA Supercross championship.
Seven different brands have won an AMA Supercross main event.
Five different brands have won an AMA Supercross championship.
Six riders have won two or more AMA Supercross titles.
Four riders have won three or more AMA Supercross titles.

AMA Supercross championships by Manufacturer                                 


AMA Supercross Runner Up by Manufacturer

Yamaha: 11
Honda: 11
Kawasaki: 6
Suzuki: 5

Wins by brand               

Honda: 185
Yamaha: 137
Kawasaki: 77
Suzuki: 46
Can-am: 7                   

AMA Supercross First Win by Manufacturer

Yamaha: 1974
Can-Am: 1975
Honda: 1976
Kawasaki: 1976
Suzuki: 1976

First AMA Supercross Championship by Manufacturer

Yamaha: 1974
Can-Am: 1975
Kawasaki: 1976
Suzuki: 1981
Honda: 1982

Since 1974 there have been 17 AMA Supercross champions

Jeremy McGrath-7 ('93,’94,’95,’96,’98,’99,’00)
Ricky Carmicheal-5 ('01;'02;'03;'05;'06)
Bob Hannah-3 ('77;'78;'79)
Jeff Stanton-3 ('89;'90;'92)
Jeff Ward-2 ('85;'87)
Rick Johnson-2 ('86;'88)
Pierre Karsmakers-1 ('74)
Jim Ellis-1 ('75)
Jim Wienert-1 ('76)
Mike Bell-1('80
Mark Barnett-1 ('81)
Donnie Hansen-1 ('82)
David Bailey-1 ('83)
Johnny O'Mara-1('84)
J.M. Bayle-1 ('91)
Jeff Emig-1 ('97)
Chad Reed-1 ('04)

Past AMA Supercross Champion’s Finish at the Opening Round of Their Winning Season

'74: Karsmakers: 1st
'75: Ellis: 1st
'76: Weinert: 3rd
'77: Hannah: 1st
'78: Hannah: 3rd
'79:Hannah:  2nd
'80:Bell: 1st
'81:Barnett: 2nd
'82:Hansen: 1st
'83:Bailey: 1st
'84:O'Mara: 1st
'85:Ward: 5th
'86:Johnson: 2nd
'87:Ward: 1st
'88:Johnson: 1st
'89:Stanton: 2nd
’90: Bayle: 2nd
’91: Stanton: 1st
’92: Stanton: 3rd
’93: McGrath: 4th
’94: McGrath: 1st
’95: McGrath: 1st
’96: McGrath: 1st
’97: Emig: 6th
’98: McGrath: 3rd
’99: McGrath: 7th
’00: McGrath: 1st
’01: Carmichael: 3rd
’02: Carmichael: 21st
’03: Carmichael: 2nd
’04: Reed: 1st
’05: Carmichael: 3rd
’06: Carmichael 3rd                                                                                    

AMA Supercross Championship Stats

30 times the AMA Supercross champion finished in the top five at the opening round of their championship season.
Emig finished sixth at the opening round in ’97 and won the title.
McGrath finished seventh at the opening round in ’99 and won the title
Carmichael finished 21st at the opening round in ’02 and won the title

Riders That Won Their First AMA Supercross Race at the Opening Race of the Season

Karsmakers: ‘74
Ellis: ‘75
DiStefano: ‘76
Hannah: ‘77
Hansen: ‘82
Bailey: ‘83
O’Mara ‘84
Bradshaw: ‘90
Albertyn: ‘97
Tortelli: ‘98
Reed: ‘03

Anaheim 1 Stats

The first race in Anaheim was held on December 4, 1976 and Marty Smith won on a Honda.
This weekend marks the 42nd AMA Supercross race held in Anaheim, second in career races only to Pontiac (46 races)
Anaheim is the only city to host three AMA Supercross races in one year
Anaheim 1 is the only race that Carmichael has never won
Carmichael will make his 109th start this weekend; he has 46 wins and 80 podium finishes in AMA Supercross competition
Reed will make his 65th start this weekend; he has 25 wins and 58 podium finishes in AMA Supercross competition
Eight riders have won their first race in Anaheim: Mosier: ’78; Bailey: ’83; Bradshaw: ‘90; Hansen: ’82; Howerton: ’79; O’Mara: ’84; McGrath: ’93; Reed: ’03.
This weekend marks the 17th time that the AMA Supercross season has started in Anaheim
Lechien, Lusk, McGrath, LaRocco and Carmichael have all won AMA Supercross races on three different brands.
Carmichael is the only rider to win an AMA Supercross title on three different brands, Kawasaki, Honda and Kawasaki.
McGrath won AMA Supercross titles on two different brands, Honda and Yamaha.
McGrath and Carmichael are tied on the all-time win list in Anaheim with eight.

Wins by Brand in Anaheim

Honda: 19
Yamaha: 12
Suzuki: 6
Kawasaki: 4
First Round Wins by Brand

Honda: 13
Yamaha: 9
Kawasaki: 7
Suzuki: 3
Can-Am: 1

AMA Supercross History

In 1977, there were 10 races in 6 different states with 5 different winners.
In 1987, there were 14 races in 7 different states with 4 different winners.
In 1997, there were 15 races in 12 different states with 7 different winners.

AMA Supercross Lites Stats

This is the 23rd year of AMA Supercross Lites racing. The class started in 1985
On January 26, 1985, Todd Campbell won the first-ever AMA Supercross Lites main event in San Diego on a Kawasaki.
There have been 333 rounds of AMA Supercross Lites class racing.
Former AMA Supercross Lites class champions that went on to win the premier AMA Supercross title: McGrath, Carmichael and Reed
Kawasaki, who has 99 AMA Supercross Lites class wins, can win their 100th this year.

AMA Supercross Lites Wins by Brand

Kawasaki: 99
Suzuki: 79
Yamaha: 73
Honda: 72
KTM: 9
Husqvarna: 1

AMA Supercross Lites Titles by Brand

Kawasaki: 16
Suzuki: 12
Yamaha: 8
Honda: 8