MX Connections Is Ready for 2007

January 4, 2007 6:35am

It’s time to go racing!  The 2007 Arenacross season is in full swing with the Supercross season just about to begin. Brand Image Directors are working to finalize contracts with the race team that best fits their corporate advertising goals while opportunities are still available.

As the sport continues to grow, keeping track of who is where and which race team is doing what is becoming increasingly difficult. Never before has the sport seen as many participants, fans, and race teams. MX  was created to provide a simple way of viewing advertising options and sponsorship opportunities within the motorcycle industry in order to make your sponsorship selection process simple and easy.

Connecting with a race team that aligns with your company image is as important as the products that you produce.  However, wading through the flood of sponsorship requests is almost an impossible task. The unfortunate casualty in the flood for sponsorship support is the race team. 

Several web-based options have been introduced recently to assist the industry with finding the candidates that they want to support at the rider level. Although these systems have greatly improved the overall sponsorship process, they are not fully addressing the needs of the race team owners who are baring the brunt of finding support for their team.

Although appearing to be a glamorous position, most race team owners are burning the candle at both ends as they try to develop competitive equipment, sign the best riders possible, and find supporting sponsors in their spare time. Many teams simply wait too long and don’t apply enough resources or focus on developing a partnership with the industry that they love so much. 

Please visit our website MX today to see a sampling of the sponsorship programs that are available.  Let MX connect you with the race team, print media, or event promotions agency of your choice to begin developing a program that is right for you, while being sensitive to your advertising budget guidelines. 

Act now!  An advertising program for any budget can be designed to effectively reach your target market through motorcycle industry sponsorship, but opportunities are fading quickly. Contact MX today to begin developing a program that is right for you.

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