Motocross Christmas Countdown

December 22, 2006 9:33am | by:

Still looking for a gift? Well, you’re obviously running a little late, but here’s a suggestion: Go and check out for a wide array of unique and fun moto-related gifts for fans of all ages. From clothing, bedding, bookbags, organizers, notepads, lunchboxes, umbrella, footballs, basketballs, trash cans, puzzles and mousepads, Smooth Industries has it all! But today we’re going to feature one of their close-out items, which is this very cool Rick Johnson lunchbox, which is on sale for $9.95!

You should also check out this Limited Edition Travis Pastrana Skateboard. Skateboarding seems like about the only Gold Medal Travis Pastrana hasn’t won in the Summer X Games. However, now is your chance to own a Limited Edition Pastrana skate deck. Made by one of the top skateboard manufacture’s using seven-ply natural maple with custom heat transfer graphics, this board is sure to become a collector's item as did our Limited Edition McGrath skateboard last year. The deck measures 9"x 33". Wheels and trucks are not included.
Price:  $49.95