Chase Borders Needs Your Encouragement!

December 22, 2006 11:42am | by:

This is from chase borders website,
Chase Borders was involved in a horrendous accident while practicing at Monster Mountain MX Park in Tallassee, Alabama. Chase and his father continue to struggle for his (their) future.

This is the latest update on chase:
The case worker told Johnny today that Chase's Blue Cross and Blue Shield policy will stop paying and he will have to go home on January 3rd if Chase doesn't start making some real progress on the vent weaning.

When they were trying to get Chase moved to the Shepherd Center, Johnny was told that UAB had billed over 2.5 million dollars for Chase's care. Chase's policy of course, like almost all health care policies, has a lifetime one million dollar catastrophic cap. For that reason, they almost did not pay for Chase to go to the Shepherd Center. But in the end they approved the transfer to the Shepherd Center with the provision that Chase had to progress toward coming off the vent.

Chase's care at the Shepherd Center about 60 thousand dollars a month. For him to stay and Blue Cross to continue paying, he has to get back on track with the vent weaning.

THAT'S WHERE YOU COME IN!  As soon as you read this and at least once a day, send Chase an e-mail at the Shepherd Center encouraging him to work hard to get off that vent!  He has come so far, cheated death, and exceeded every expectations for just about everything so far. We just can't let him go home without having given rehab everything he has.

YOUR WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT MEAN A LOT!  Please, take the time to send him an e-mail telling him what you and I know to be true--that he can and will come off the vent if he gives it his best effort.

Click here for his e-mail address at the Shepherd Center.

Send him one now and every chance you get.  He needs everyone's encouragement. Simply reading these posts won't get the job done. He needs to hear from all of us.  He needs to know we believe in him and his ability to "suck it up and press on with the mission" as we used to say in the military.

Tell him you care and that he can do this. It's one of the most important things you can do this holiday season.