Rodrig Thain Injured in Munich

France's Rodrig Thain had a close call at the International Super Cross-Over in Munich, Germany last weekend, causing fans to even respond to an unexpected emergency with some "beer language." 

photo: Steve Bruhn

Thain, riding for the TKM Kneip Racing team, was injured at the event and was taken to a hospital with blood in his lungs and four broken ribs and a broken sternum, where he was placed under observation in ICU. He is recovering and expected to need care for maybe two weeks. There are conflicting reports as to if he is still in ICU. A transfer to France for him is in the works, possibly as early as Wednesday.
According to a witness at the race, when Rodrig crashed, his condition was tenuous and the doctor was waving his arms to get the race stopped. Then even fans saw this and threw beer to make the race stop. 
Stay tuned for more updates on his condition as they are available. We all wish him a full and comfortable recovery.