Final Arguments Monday in Goodwin Murder Trial

Final arguments will be heard on Monday 12/18.  The prosecution delivers their statement first, Elena Saris, Goodwin’s defense attorney,  has the opportunity to summarize the elements making up the defense and the prosecution can rebut.  The prosecution has the last word.  Following delivery of all closing statements and rebuttal, the judge gives the jury instructions and they begin deliberations. 

There is no way to know how long the closing arguments will take but the session begins at 9 AM.  Anyone going to hear the summarizations of both the prosecution and defense should arrive early to get a seat as it is expected the courtroom will be full.

Address and other information on the court is available here:  The courtroom is the first courtroom on the left as you get off the elevator on the 5th floor.  Judge Teri Schwartz will preside. 

Attorneys for the prosecution are:  Patrick Dixon, Head Deputy D.A and Asst. Deputy D.A.Alan Jackson

Attorneys for the defense are:  Deputy Public Defender, Elena Saris and Deputy Public Defender, Tom Summers.