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December 13, 2006 1:33pm | by:

Well the unscripted drama could not last forever and Vancouver played out as most predicted, but the full-field will come out and play next time at Anaheim 1. Most teams use Canadia (Canada was so five minutes ago) and those opening rounds just to see where they are at, and I think we can all agree that Tyler Evans is still looking. With the holidays upon us, I just wanted to send out a long distance dedication to Tyler Evans from the timeless classic by The Darkness. I think we all "Believe In a Thing Called Love," but just remember to torque your berries to hit those high notes when you sing along. "Touching yooooh, touching meeeeeh, touching you , oh you're touching meeooooh. I believe in a thing called love, Just listen to the rhythm of my heart. There's a chance we could make it now. We'll be rocking till the sun goes down. I believe in a thing called love. Oooooooh......"

Rick Johnson is one of the most respected and well-liked riders of his generation and continues to influence the industry today. RJ also competes in off road racing and announces the CORR series for SPEED. We will catch up with Rick tonight and hear about his Baja 1000 run as well as his take on the upcoming SX season.

Simon "LeBon" Cudby is an artist plain and simple. His eye for photography has led to some of the most inspiring photos that always seem to capture the emotion along with the action. A lot of people don’t know that he got his start in the DMV taking driver license photos, but was fired when he kept changing the back lighting and angle for every picture. Simon is definitely one of the goods guys in our sport and we welcome him tonight.

We have known Zack Osborne since he was on a tricycle so we could not be more pleased with his two podiums in Canadia. He has great parents and a sound program behind him going into this season, so look for Zack up front all year.

Jason Weigandt will be on.

Broc "The Hulk" Hepler is out in California pounding out laps at the Yamaha test track on his new factory ride. Broc has had his share of injuries that have kept the Pennsylvania native from putting together a productive full season, but he is finallly healthy this year. We always enjoy having "The Hulk" on, but don’t make him mad. You would not like him when he is mad.

MotoXDream is the standard in Fantasy SX league racing and they are ready for 2007 with even bigger and better prizes. If you have never played, you suck. Grow a pair and jump into this ultra-competitive series where the best bench racers block pass for bragging rights. Steve Flanders will call in to fill you in on the rest of the details.

WWR has taken on a monumental task with both its race team and Privateer support system through Hog Haven, but the team is coming together nicely. Mark Kvamme, owner of MDK Motorsports and MDK Speed, will join us as their sponsor guest. MDK has jumped on in big way for WWR and the privateers. Jimmy Albertson made the trip to Vancouver and put in a very impressive ride for a sixth overall. Jimmy and Steve Bauer will round out the WWR segment this week. Stay tuned to for updates on the team.

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On a special note, our good friend David Bailey will undergo his much-needed surgery this week. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. We love you, DB.