Racer X Race Report: Chemnitz SX

December 8, 2006 12:39pm | by:

Our man in Germany, Slavo, came through with this report (pardon his English, it's like a third language to him)...

While the supercross season in Germany is already slowly coming to an end, the Amp’d Mobile World SXGP series just started last weekend in Canada. Of course this had an impact on the rider field for the Chemnitz SX in Germany that took place on the same weekend. Riders like Jason Thomas, who dominated the SX race in Vienna just a week before Chemnitz, Cole Siebler (second place Vienna), Jiri Dostal and Joe Oehlhof (third place Vienna) packed their bags and flew back to the US to get ready for the Canadian round. So who remained from the US/Canadian armada to dice it out in Chemnitz? Guys like Ricky Renner (yeah he really is the brother of Ronnie Renner), Willy Browning, Johnny Montes, Colton Facciotti, Ryan Lockhart and  Marco Dube.

It wasn’t a cakewalk for all of them and so far none of them was able to shine as they do at home. Before I say something about the race itself, let me explain the different race format in Chemnitz: Two day event, two classes: 250 2-stroke and 450 4-stroke, best six of each class qualify for the Superfinal, and the guys who don’t qualify race a separate B-Final. That’s it.

Okay, let’s come to Ricky Renner; he struggled the whole weekend long with bad starts and although he is often one of the fastest guys in practice, he can’t pull it off in the races. So on both nights he didn’t qualify for the Superfinal. But hey, at least he managed to win one of the B-Finals.

Willy Browning was fast the whole weekend but wasn’t the luckiest one. So while fighting for second place in the Superfinal on Friday he got nailed down by Germany’s MX and SX legend Collin Dugmore. Of course Dugmore went down with Browning causing both of them to finish in the last positions. On Saturday Browning managed to stay away from Dugmore (who made just one lap before crashing out) and pulled of a sixth place. Browning left without a trophy but made a new best friend.

Johnny Montes had one of his best rides so far in Germany’s SX season. Unfortunately the results don’t really show it. On the first night he was “only” able to get a 5th place in the B-Final after crashing out from a good qualifying spot in the last chance. But this fired him up for the second night where he qualified after some spectacular fights for the Superfinal where he finished eleventh. Let’s hope he is fired up enough now to improve even more at the Munich SX round.

Colton Facciotti, the young Canadian prospect, surprised the Euro crowd with a great ride in Prague where he won the first night. He was not able to come back into that winning mood. In Chemnitz he was not even qualified for the B-Final on Friday! Bad starts and some crashes held him back. But it seemed that he took all his anger and frustration from the first night and turned it into a great ride on Saturday. So he managed the unbelievable thing and went from not qualifying on Friday to getting a third place in the Superfinal on Saturday. How things can change over night. His team was stoked and we all hope he can find his winning spirit back that he lost in Prague.

Ryan Lockhart rode strong the whole weekend and put two solid races in the Superfinals. A second place in the first night and a seventh place in the not so lucky Superfinal on Saturday were his results.

Last but not least on the remaining armada was Marco Dube. He rode similar to Ryan Lockhart--one of the most consistent guys from the US/Canadian riders over the weekend and made both Superfinals. On the first night he made a couple mistakes in his Superfinal and finished sixth only to come back the second night and take the win in a breath-taking fight against frenchman Florent Richier. Richier was the winner of the first night and also overall winner of the weekend.

Okay, that was it from Germany so far. The next SX race in Germany is in Munich on Dec. 15th-17th. For more info check out: http://www.supercrossover.com. Hope to see you there!

Friday 01.12.2006
1. Florient Richier (F) Kawasaki Elf Team Pfeil 7:29,882 min
2. Ryan Lockhart (CAN) EBS Racing + 3.195 s
3. Vincent Berthome (F) Easy.TV Kosak Racing + 5.427 s
4. Stefano Dami (ITA) SMX Racing Team + 7.385 s
5. Daniel Siegl (D) Kölling *M-Cax* Yamaha Team + 12.347 s
6. Marco Dube (CAN) Easy.TV Kosak Racing + 17.435 s
7. Vincent Turpin (F) TKM Racing Team + 17.436 s
8. Nikolai M. Hansen (DK) Weltermann Racing + 25.900 s
9. Marko Kovalainen (FIN) Waldmann Racing 2 Runden
10. Jürgen Wybo (B) Kawasaki Elf Team Pfeil + 26.120 s
11. Willy Browning (USA) Inotec Ortema Suzuki
12. Collin Dugmore (RSA) EBS Kawasaki

Saturday 02.12.2006
1. Marco Dube (CAN) KTM Kosak Racing 7:14.672 min
2. Florient Richier (F) Kawasaki Elf Team Pfeil + 0.684 s
3. Colton Facciotti (CAN) Winkle Kawasaki + 2.675 s
4. Vincent Berthome (F) KTM Kosak Racing + 5.064 s
5. Jürgen Wybo (B) Kawasaki Elf Team Pfeil + 6.691 s
6. Willy Browning (USA) Inotec Ortema Suzuki + 7.690 s
7. Ryan Lockhart (USA) EBS Kawasaki + 8.260 s
8. Daniel Siegl (D) Kölling *M-Cax* Yamaha Team + 15.290 s
9. Vincent Turpin (F) TK Motorsport + 22.865 s
10. Jérôme Hemery (F) Inotec Ortema Suzuki + 25.181 s
11. Johnny Montes (CAN) Team Masai Germany + 27.702 s
12. Collin Dugmore (RSA) EBS Kawasaki 1 Runde