Virtual Trainer: 5 Minutes With Randy Lawrence

November 30, 2006 7:27am
Randy Lawrence has been around the professional MX scene for many years. A long time wrench for top riders like Jeremy McGrath, Doug Dubach, and David Pingree, Randy now spends his time as the exclusive trainer for 450F veteran Nick Wey and 250F Outdoor Champion Ryan Villopoto. I had the chance to meet Randy and his riders a few weeks ago as they were preparing to go on a training run from Nick’s house in the Southern California hills just outside Murrieta. A week later I called Randy up to get his view on the state of training in MX, how he transitioned from a mechanic to trainer, and where he thinks the future of MX is headed. This is what he had to say.  Read the full interview at

RV and RL

photo: Simon Cudby