Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP Confirmed Rider List for Toronto

AURORA, Ill. (November 29, 2006) – Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP announced today the confirmed rider list for the opening race this Saturday (Dec. 2) at Toronto’s Rogers Centre. Defending Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP champion James Stewart and former World Supercross GP champions Ricky Carmichael and Chad Reed headline the talented field of riders.

“This weekend the world’s best supercross racers will line up in Toronto for the opening race of the highly anticipated Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP championship,” said Dave Prater, director of supercross, Live Nation Motor Sports. “This is the most competitive field of racers we’ve ever had in Toronto, and we are excited to begin another amazing year of racing.”

Confirmed Rider List

James Stewart                                      
Ricky Carmichael                                  
Chad Reed                                           
Ivan Tedesco                            
Nick Wey                                             
Michael Byrne                          
Jason Thomas                          
Jeff Gibson                                           
Ryan Clark                                           
Tyler Evans                                          
Kyle Lewis                                           
Heath Voss                                          
Travis Preston                           
Tim Ferry                                             
David Vuillemin                         
Nathan Ramsey                        
Jeff Dement                                          
Jiri Dostal                                             
Jake Marsack                           
Tyson Hadsell                           
Cole Siebler                                          
Leighton Lillie                           
Isaiah Johnson                          
Joe Oehlhof                                                      
Karsten Butler                          
Brandon Butler                                      
Greg Crater                                                      
Bryan White                                                     
Eric Sorby                                            
Paul Carpenter                          
Josh Summey                                      
Jacob Saylor                            
Barry Carsten                           
Bryan Johnson  
Shaun Skinner                          
Kyle Keast                                                       
Kevin Johnson
Keith Johnson
Marco Dube                  
Doug Dehaan    
Justin Buckelew
Konnrad Kuest              

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