Last Call for Wonder Warthog Racing Sponsorships

November 27, 2006 1:53pm | by:

We just got the following note from Scott Kandel of Wonder Warthog Racing:
We need a few more sponsors! (Make no mistake, we will make it through the season regardless, but a few more sponsors and supporters sure would help out). We’ll work with any and all supporters, including individuals, industry companies, and outside sponsors.

We have a great team this year and we’re helping the guys in need in a very substantive way – twenty-three deserving privateers total:

West Coast Lites
• Charles Castloo
• Jimmy Hazel
• Ronny Jackson
Gray Davenport
• Ryan Grantom
• Ty Morrow
• Clay Higgins
Adam Chatfield

East Coast Lites
• Geddy Karrle
• Ashlee Waskob
• Zack Lundy
• Tim Hollenbeck
• Tyler Bright

SX Class
Antonio Balbi
• Bryan White
• Dave Ginolfi
• Ted Campbell
Jacob Saylor

Chris Blose – West
• Brady Sheren – West
Jimmy Albertson – West
Ryan Abrigo – East
• Kyle Tobin – East

This is a monumental effort that we think is deserving of everyone's support.

If you’ve donated to the Wonder Warthog programs in the past or have thought about support in the future, the time is now!

We are still looking for a title and gear sponsor. We will cut the deal of the century to these potential sponsorship slots. The brand-new semi is a canvas that will proudly represent your brand.

See the latest Racer X for a great seven- page article about our team. It is truly a program that everyone can get involved with and help support the soul of the sport.

Please contact me, Scott Kandel, at or call at 213 268-2659.