Motocross Christmas Countdown

November 22, 2006 12:21pm | by:

Smooth Industries/Simon Cudby MX Jigsaw Puzzle

Welcome to Day 30+2 of our second annual Motocross Christmas Countdown. For the next 32 days we will be featuring a new moto-related product on our website that will surely make that special someone smile on Christmas Day.

Simon Cudby is an amazing photographer and his incredible motocross images have inspired an entire line of Smooth Industries/Simon Cudby products, including this ALL NEW jigsaw puzzle. The NEW Smooth Industries/Simon Cudby MX jigsaw puzzle is perfect for those rainy days or at night as something fun for the whole family. Each puzzle comes with 400 pieces which is just enough to make it entertaining for adults, yet not too difficult for younger kids.

Price:  $19.95