Toyota AMA Arenacross Series Reno Results

Keith Johnson wins his first AMA Arenacross class, Gray Davenport wins his second AMA Arenacross Lites main event

AURORA , Ill. , ( November 17, 2006 ) – It was a sold out crowd here in Reno and the fans were not disappointed. Keith Johnson is on top of the box here at round 3 of the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series. After a great start and a picture perfect race, Keith was able to capture his first Arenacross win of the season and get the monkey off his back. “I was always hearing about Kevin and it made me want to win real bad”, said Keith, “it was good to get the first one out of the way.”

Danny Smith continued his hot streak with another solid finish with a second for the night. Danny will continue to lead the series and leaves Reno on top. Third place finisher was Brock Sellards.  Brock was hanging strong in the second place spot for most of the race and then a late charge by Danny Smith put him back to third.

Gray Davenport took his second win of the year in the Arenacross Lites Main Event. Gray looked fast and ran down early race leader Dennis Jonon. Dennis rode a flawless race but Davenport was that much stronger and with two laps to go, took the win from Jonon. Beni Williams was strong all night and the fastest in the whoops as well and it showed with a solid third place finish.

Toyota AMA Arenacross Results

1. Keith Johnson , Yamaha

2. Danny Smith, Honda

3. Brock Sellards, Honda

4. Justin Buckelew, Honda

5. Teddy Maier, Honda

Toyota AMA Arenacross Lites Results

1. Gray Davenport, Kawasaki

2. Dennis Jonon, KTM

3. Beni Williams, Suzuki

4. Kevin Markwardt, Honda

5. Roy Horton, Honda

Toyota AMA Arenacross Points

1. Danny Smith (38)   123

2. Chad Johnson (1)   95

3. Robbie Reynard (17)   94

4. Keith Johnson (168)   90
4. Kevin Johnson (3) 90

5. Greg Schnell (5)   83

6. Matt Barnes (26)  73

6. Justin Buckelew (58)   73

7. Brock Sellards (18)   72

7. Teddy Maier (311)   72

8. John Dowd (16)   40

9. Travis Sewell (927)   35

10. Scott Metz (9)  33
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