Industry Birthdays from November 20 to November 26

November 20, 2006 7:01am

November 20: N-Style’s Rob Healy

November 20: Alpinestars’ Malcolm McCassy

November 20: KTM America’s Brent Harden
November 20: Longtime privateers, Jeff and Jon Hedden

November 21: MSR’s Dave Casella

November 21: DC Shoes’ Ken Block

November 22: Freestyle rider Trevor Vines

November 23: Multi-time Loretta Lynn’s vet champ Mike Katin

November 23: Motosports Park track announcer Pete Reitsch

November 23: FMX rider Trey Deane

November 25: ‘05 Loretta Lynn’s Four-Stroke Champ Michael LaPaglia #91

November 25: Utopia’s Ulises Thomas

November 26: Marty Smith, one of America’s first motocross superstars

November 26: Motosport Outlet’s Steve Boniface #40

November 26: MB1’s new recruit Kyle Partridge #74

November 26: Moto XXX’s Ross Miles

November 26: Red Bull KTM Team Manager Casey Lytle


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