Finland Dominates ISDE Day Four Results

Finland continues to dominate recent days of the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE). With France and Spain completing the leader board.

Italy has charged into fourth position from sixth place the previous day, narrowly edging out Australia, who are now fifth. Team New Zealand remain seventh, only 18 seconds ahead of an improving Slovakia, whom hosted the 2005 ISDE.

Day Five on Saturday is the final full day enduro, leading into the special motocross test on Sunday at Taupo’s Digger McEwen Park, where motocross specialists are expected to make up valuable time. And team positions.

Unofficial Trophy Team standings after Day Four of the ISDE:

1. Finland; 2. France, 9m8s behind the leaders; 3. Spain, 14m11s; 4. Italy, 18m14s; 5. Australia, 18m31s; 6. Sweden, 19m43s; 7. New Zealand, 30m20s; 8. Slovakia, 48m17s; 9. Great Britain, 48m18s; 10. USA, 53m46s.

Unofficial Junior Trophy Team Positions (under 23 years)

1. USA; 2. France, 4m31s behind the leaders; 3. Australia, 6m27s; 4.Italy, 8m43s; 5. Germany, 8m46s; 6. Finland, 9m44s; 7. Great Britain, 10m40s; 8. Netherlands, 15m12s; 9. Spain, 19m48s; 10. New Zealand, 26m01s.