Powerline Park GNCC Showdown on TV this week

The Power Line Park GNCC from St. Clairsville, OH may ultimately go down in history as the best Suzuki GNCC race ever. World Champions David Knight and Juha Salminen finally faced off in a much-hyped duel, but Yamaha's Barry Hawk ultimately pulled out the win in dramatic fashion. It was the race of the year, and considering the considerable fact of having both Salminen and Knight in the same race (which won't likely happen again anywhere in the world for quite some time) this one is a must-see.

The half-hour show catches plenty of high-speed GNCC action featuring Salminen, Hawk, Knight and the rest of the GNCC pack. It airs this Wednesday and re-airs Thursday on Versus Network (formerly known as OLN).

Versus TV Broadcast Wednesday November 15, - 3:00 PM
Power Line Park GNCC Bikes

Versus TV Broadcast Thursday November 16, - 4:00 PM
Power Line Park GNCC Bikes (repeat)