Number Cruncher Redux: #46

November 10, 2006 7:41am | by:

Thanks to our readers, here are some other famous #46s…

photo: Courtesy of Price

Here are a couple of photos of Marty Tripes. These were taken at the Italian 500cc MX GP in Cingoli in 1981. The color slide is old and faded but does a good job of capturing the atmosphere of European racing. The B&W photo of Showa Forks on Marty's Husky may indicate why Marty's stay in Europe was curtailed.
Warren Price
Texas Vintage MX Fan

photo: Courtesy of Price

Paul Currie was also #46 and put in some great rides on an RM125 and beat TP199 at the RM cup that year.

Check for Mike Healey wearing # 46 in about '85 or '86 on a factory Suzuki.    
Greg Flanagan

Barry Carsten

photo: DC

Barry Carsten was number 46 in 1993.
Joel Dengler

What about Clark Stiles? #46 privateer for MX
Suzuki in 2005.
Shane Cook

Clark Stiles

photo: Simon Cudby

I don't know if they ever raced with the numbers since it was right towards the end of their great careers but:

1981:  Jammin' Jimmy Weinert
1982:  Tony DiStefano
Those two riders put a lot of career National victories and Championships in the 46's category, to say the least.
James Claar