Finally! The David Bailey eBay Auction is Up and Ready For Bids!

November 8, 2006 11:33am

What an incredible assortment of collectable MX memorabilia we have to benefit David in his recovery from a life threatening infection. David is still in bed, where he has been since February, and for the foreseeable future he will remain there. We are hopeful that over the course of the next year or so that we can get David his additional necessary surgeries and he can eventually be back in a chair and out in the public.
Follow this link for an incredible opportunity to bid on some really unique items. Check back often because there are still a few items yet to be posted. Bid now!!!
Thanks from all of David's friends and family for your continued support in this very difficult situation.

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Jean Michele Bayle's chest protector gloves from his final US Race
James Stewart #3 SIGNED MXDN number plates moto 2 Glen Helen
James Stewart #7 SIGNED number plates moto 1 Glen Helen 
James Stewart #7 SIGNED number plates moto 1 Glen
Radiator shrouds SIGNED James Stewart 1-1day glen helen  1
Radiator shrouds signed Michael Byrne glen helen
Lots of Honda CRF50 aftermarket graphics
2 Travis Pastrana #199 SIGNED jerseys
2 Complete sets of  Mike Metzger gear signed by
Complete set of Broc Hepler gear SIGNED
David Vuillemin #12 SIGNED No Fear jersey
Andrew Short #29 SIGNED jersey
Brandon Jesseman #121 official jersey
Andrew McFarlane #124 SIGNED
Trevor Vines #145 SIGNED Jersey
Trevor Vines Signed T Shirt
Vintage Monarch Motorcycles jersey red and white
Vintage Rickman motocross jersey
Vintage Yamaha jersey come fly me away
Ryan Capes signed One Industries Kombat helmet that was used for the world record jump of 310.4'
Andrew Short signed One Industies David Bailey 1986 commemorative helmet